Christmas Fig Relish


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A rich and piquant mix of juicy figs, apricots and dates combined with bramley apples handpicked from our organic heritage orchard, molassed sugar, warm cinnamon & cider vinegar.

Perfect with cold roast ham and farmhouse cheddar. Our dear friend Sibel’s favourite!


Out of stock


Ingredients: figs(16%),  apricots(13%), dates(13%), molassed sugar(14%), cider vinegar(13%),  salt(<2%).

Storage: refrigerate after opening. Keeps for 1 month after opening.



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Fig Relish

Deep, dark and rich from the addition of organic cane sugar and long slow cooking in open pans, they are prepared by hand from fresh raw ingredients at Mount Briscoe, aromatic spices and just enough vinegar to create piquant, full-bodied and properly rounded preserves. Carefully paired for your enjoyment.

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