Organic Wild Crab Apple Jelly


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The quintessential Autumn jelly made from the juices extracted from the fruit, our organic crab apple jelly has a clarity and purity. Margaret’s artisan jellies are completely different from those that are commercially produced in both presentation and taste. There’s a comforting authenticity to it.

All of our products are made from handcrafted, seasonal foraged foods from our organic farm in Offaly. FREE FROM additives, preservatives & artificial colourings.


In stock (can be backordered)


Organic Wild Crab Apples 91%, Organic Cane Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice.

Prepared with 91g of fruit per 100g.

Total sugar content 62g per 100g.


Refrigerate after opening

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Weight 0.380 kg
Wild Crab Apple Jelly

Mount Briscoe jellies are bright, translucent and jewel-like. Made in the traditional manner from fresh wild crab-apples, gathered from the wild on our organic farm.  All are naturally set with unrefined cane sugar, a little lemon juice and fresh fruit alone. Perfect sweet and savoury accompaniments.

Traditional jelly making has a unique ability to preserve flavour, the time-honoured techniques create a soft and clear set product.

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