Damson Vodka Liqueur

Damson Vodka Liqueur

Sloe Gin Liqueur

Damson Vodka Liqueur
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First there was sloe gin, then sloe vodka, then damson gin. A damson vodka is the next obvious step! A further twist on this fruity tradition. At Mount Briscoe we hand make all our liqueurs in small batches to traditional style recipes. The damsons are hand picked from our heritage orchard within view of our kitchen. Made from: Vodka, sugar and juicy organic damsons. Matured for a number of months for optimum taste. There are no added colours or preservatives in our liqueurs. This beautiful liqueur is perfect as a gift for him or her, for those who love a fruity little tipple or to compliment a cheese board. This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

Because our drinks are all handmade in small batches the alcohol percentage can vary very slightly from each batch, but you can be sure of a quality product each time.