Organic Damson Fruit Vinegar

Organic Damson Fruit Vinegar

Organic Raspberry Fruit Vinegar

Organic Damson Fruit Vinegar
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Our Damson Vinegar is a beautiful harmony of rich fruit and sharp vinegar. The combination of tastes results in the most delicious and versatile dressing for a salad or ingredient for recipes where you would expect to use a balsamic vinegar. This is a very fine creation indeed using a very rare and special fruit. An exclusive recipe, our vinegar has an intense fresh flavour, tangy yet sweet. Our vinegar is hand made using organic damsons from our heritage orchard. Try using instead of balsamic vinegar, dip with bread and olive oil, drizzle on your rocket or mix with soda and ice for a refreshing drink (and add some gin if it

Our fruit vinegars are great for every day and as gifts for food lovers.